School of Agriculture,Enviroment,Water and Natural Resources

Evelyn Jane Mutunga sekuTutorial Fellow
Department of Environmental Science and Land Resources Management
Primary Discipline: Environmental management

Degrees Awarded: [Note: List highest degree awarded first]

  1. Msc in Environmental Management
  2. Bsc in Environmental Management

Other Credentials/Recognitions & Awards

  1. Honored as the best Bsc student in the school of Environment and Natural Resources in 2015 at South Eastern Kenya University

Current Professional/Scientific Interests, Memberships, and Activities:

  1. Ndungu, C. K., Mutunga, E.J., Mwangi,M. and Kariuki, P. C. (2021). Coping Strategies and Determinants of Households’ Choice of Specific Coping Strategies in Kitui County, Kenya.” Journal of Food Security. 9 (2)36-45.
  2. Mutunga, E.J, Ndungu, C. K., Mwangi, M. and Patrick, C. Kariuki, P.C (2020) Modelling Determinants of Farmers’ Choice of Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability and Extreme Events in Kitui County, Kenya. International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology, 5(6).
  3. Mutunga, E. J., Ndungu, C. K. and Muendo, P. (2018) Factors Influencing Smallholder Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Variability in Kitui County, Kenya. Int J Environ Sci Nat Res. 2018; 8(5).
  4. Mutunga, E. J., Ndungu, C. K. and Muendo, P. (2017) Smallholder Farmers Perceptions and Adaptations to Climate Change and Variability in Kitui County, Kenya. J Earth Sci Clim Change, 8(3

Professional Affiliations

  1. Member of Environmental Institute of Kenya
  2. Associate EIA Expert
  3. Research in environmental management, climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessments

Postal address: P.O BOX 170-90200.
Tel or Mobile: 0715193475
Email address:,

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