School of Agriculture,Enviroment,Water and Natural Resources

Dr. KautiDean, School of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
Senior Lecturer, Department of Environment and Land Resources Management, South Eastern Kenya University,
Address: P.O. Box 170-90200, Kitui, KENYA.
Senior Lecturer (Environmental Geography) | Lead Environmental Consultant | Environmental and Social Safeguard Expert | Mentor | Researcher (Human-Environment Relationships, Urban and Rural Livelihoods Security, Natural Resource Management)


  • PhD in Environmental Studies, Tohoku University, JAPAN, 2006-2009.
    Thesis Title: ‘A Geographical and Longitudinal Approach to Rural Livelihood Security and Crisis Responses in Central Kenya.’ Advisor: Prof. Gen Ueda2 | P a g e
  • Master of Arts in Urban Geography, University of Nairobi, KENYA, 2001-2004
    Thesis Title: ‘The Role of Rural-Urban Linkages in Urban and Regional Development: A Case Study of Spatial Interaction of Municipality of Machakos and Rural Umland.’ Advisor: Prof. G.C. Macoloo and Dr. S.O. Owuor
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography Major (first class honors), University of Nairobi, KENYA, 1994-1998
    Dissertation project: ‘Informal Tertiary Sector Activities in Municipality of Machakos, Machakos District,Kenya.’ Advisor: Dr. S.O. Owuor


  1. Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Change Management, Q-Point at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), 26th – 28th November 2013.
  2. Certificate in ISO Auditors Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008, Sleek Consultants Limited at South Eastern University College (SEUCO), 19th to 20th April 2012.
  3. Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit, South Eastern University College (SEUCO), 11th to 29th October 2010.
  4. Certificate in Implementation of a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2008, Alpex Consulting Africa Limited at South Eastern University College (SEUCO), 5th to 7th May 2010.
  5. Certificate in Public Procurement and Disposal ACT 2005 and Regulations 2006, Global Training Institute, 14th to 15th September 2010.
  6. Certificate in Performance Management and Contracting, Global Training Institute, 18th April 2011
  7. Certificate in Japanese Intensive Language Course, Tohoku University, JAPAN, 2006 April– 2006 September

Published articles

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