School of Agriculture and Veterinary Science

Dr. Nguluu, a PhD holder is formerly a Principal Research Officer at KARI-Katumani. In a centre whose mandate was to carry out research aimed at improving livelihoods in the arid and semiarid areas (ASAL) of Kenya. He is also an agronomist with specialty in soil science, seed production, and ASALs agricultural practices. Dr. Nguluu has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture as an Agricultural Extension Officer (7 years), with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) as a Research Officer and Principal Research Officer (22 years), and Principal Investigator for various projects within KARI. In December 2003, on referral from KARI, he was appointed by the Kenya government through the Ministry of Agriculture to be the Agricultural Operations Manager at the Kenya Seed Company, a position he held until 2007. His responsibility was to design operations and produce all seeds for the company. He has a wealth of experience in ASAL farming techniques, seed production for crops and pastures, participatory research methodologies, intercropping, soil fertility, soil and water management, and small scale drip irrigation. Over the years, he has acquired managerial skills, managing projects funded by the European Union, World Bank, USAID, ACIAR and various government funded projects in Soil Science, Agronomy and Food security. He is now a senior lecturer and Chairman in the department of dry land agriculture at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) with effect from November 1st 2013. He has published 35 papers in peer reviewed journals and 42 papers in peer reviewed conferences. He has also written two manuals, one on agriculture extension recommendations and another on participatory methodologies. Has also developed technologies on efficient water utilization in ASALs

Academic qualification

  • 1988-1994:     PhD and Msc from University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia. Soil Science and Plant nutrition PhD Thesis Topic:Effect of Phosphorus on the Nitrogen  Contribution of Legumes in the Farming Systems of the Semi- arid Tropics
  • 1983-1986:   Bachelor of Science (Hons) Agriculture West Virginia University, USA.

Areas of specialization

Soil Science, Plant nutrition, crop modelling and Plant science

Research areas

Soil Science , Plant nutrition, Water harvesting, Intercropping, crop modeling, crop-livestock interactions, Participatory methods of research, land degradation


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