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Dr. Vincent O. Ochieng is a lecturer, academic advisor, mentor and programme developer in supply chain management at the School of Business and Economics, South Eastern Kenya University-SEKU. He graduated with Bachelor of Education Degree (2nd Class Hon. Upper Division) from Kenyatta University. He obtained his MSc. (Procurement and Logistics) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). He later completed PhD degree (Supply Chain Management) at JKUAT with research focus on the determinants of implementation of supply chain sustainability initiatives among logistics service providers in Kenya. He is a supply chain management researcher with extensive research experience in supply chain sustainability implementation, supplier development, supply chain relationship management and public procurement management training. Vincent is a member of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) and Certified Institute of Purchasing and Supplies-UK and has been involved in curriculum development and implementation of CPSP (K) and ASP (K) at KISM. He has also participated in various capacity building workshops and regional conferences organised by KISM.

Degrees Degrees Awarded: [Note: List highest degree awarded first]

  1. PhD, Supply Chain management-JKUAT
  2. MSc. Procurement and Logistics-JKUAT
  3. B-Ed- Economics and Business studies

Other Credentials/Recognitions & Awards

  • MCIPS,

Research, Scholarly, Professional and Scientific Activities

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