School of Business and Economics

Dr. Onesmus Mbaabu MutiiriaLecturer and Chairman, Department of Economics
Specialization: Economics
Academic Background: B. Econ. (KU), M.A Econ. (UoN), PhD (UESTC- China), CPA (K)
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Monetary Economics

Award & Training
- While doing his PhD, Dr. Onesmus was awarded for academic excellence.
- He has gone through the following trainings:

  1. CPC Supervision Course- Rhodes University
  2. Pedagogy Training- Chuka University
  3. Business and Customer Management Training- Metropol Credit Reference Bureau

Previous Positions Held

Dr. Onesmus previously held the position of exam coordinator in the Department of Economics, School of Business and Economics, SEKU. He was a part time lecturer in economics at Chuka University before joining SEKU. He previously worked at Imperial Bank Limited, Metropol Credit Reference Bureau, Mhasibu Sacco Limited and CIC Insurance Group.

Research Supervision & Thesis Examination

Dr. Onesmus has supervised four (4) master’s students to the completion of their theses (MSc Economics). He is currently supervising master’s and PhD students. He has also engaged in the internal examination of master’s thesis (MSc Economics).

Conferences and Workshops

  1. International Conference Held at Chuka University in 2023. The conference theme was ‘Mainstreaming Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer and Commercialization for Sustainable Economies (MRIT-TCSE)’
  2. SBE Postgraduate Supervision Workshop held at Kitui Town Campus in SEKU, 2023.
  3. Research and Innovation Week organized by SEKU in 2022.
  4. International Conference on Emerging Markets at Sichuan University (China) in 2017.

Professional Membership

  • Member of the Economists Society of Kenya (ESK)

Membership in Committees

  • Member of the Research and Innovation Committee of South Eastern Kenya University.


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