Prof. Dorothy Nduku Mutisya Ph

Associate Professor-Humanities and Social Sciences and Director, Catering and Accommodation Services.

Primary Discipline

Geography-Agricultural Geography

 Degrees Awarded

  • [PhD], [Kenyatta University], [1997]    
  • [Master of Arts], [Kenyatta University], [1989]
  • [B.ED (ARTS)], [University of Nairobi], [1985]

Other Credentials/Recognitions & Awards

  • E-learning training

Research, Scholarly, Professional and Scientific Activities

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Book Chapters

  • 2006: Contributor ‘Crops and Fodder lists in: Jaetzold R., Schidt H., and Shisanya C. Farm Management Handbook of Kenya, Vols 1, 2, and 3. 2nd Edition Ministry of Agriculture, Nairobi Mutisya, D. 1998:Socio-economic aspects of Subsistence farming and soil erosion in tropical catchments: the Tana River catchment, Kenya, (with Mutiso S.K.) In D. Harper and T. Brown, (eds.). The Sustainable Management of Tropical Catchments, John Wiley and Sons Chichester, 1998


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