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Dr Charles Kinanga Moywaywa

To seek employment opportunities where my qualifications and experience will contribute to the achievement of my employer’s set goals; to strive for efficiency in all the duties allocated to me, through hard work, honesty, and effective time management; to cultivate personally enriching working relationships with my superiors and colleagues through the spirit of teamwork, while exploring opportunities for personal development; to exercise level-mindedness and integrity in positions of responsibility.

Workshops Convened

  • 29th September 2013 Organized a one-day Lay Preachers Seminar at Ebony Gardens for MCK St Paul’s Circuit Lay Preachers
  • 27th October 2012 Organized a Lay Preachers Retreat at Thiiri Centre for MCK St Paul’s Circuit Lay Preachers
  • 23rd-26th August 2010: organized a departmental workshop on DLM Message Design Training for DLM material writers, Department of Theology & Religious Studies, KeMU held at Thiiri Centre, Meru
  • 19th April, 2002: Coordinator, Public Lecture on “The cross and the Star: Jewish-Christian relations today and tomorrow” by Rev, Dr. M. A. Chester, at KeMU


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Papers presented

  1. 6th Npv 2013 Presented 3 lectures to Visiting Norwegian Students and Lecturers at KeMU (in the Chapel Hall) entitled: Kenya as a Multi-cultural Society,” “Kenya as a Multi-Religious Society”, and “The Role of Religion in Modern Kenya.”
  2. 22nd July, 2012 presented a Paper at the 5th AASR Regional Conference held at Egerton University Njoro, entitled “Looking at Peace through the eyes of Rugby: an Examination of Mandera’s Reconciliatory Approach”
  3. 27th April 2012, presented a paper at the KeMU International Research Conference held at KeMU main Campus entitled, “The Role of Education and Research in Empowering Persons with Disability
  4. 1st May 2005 at the EATWOT National conference (held in Nairobi), presented a paper entitled “The role of the Church in environmental conservation in Kenya.” which is due for publication by Acton publishers
  5. 15th February 2005 presented a paper at the Moi University Annual Conference entitled “Communication, Development and Globalization: Towards a dialogue from an African Christian perspective”
  6. 16th February 2005 at the Moi University Annual conference, presented a paper entitled “The role of the Church in Conflict Management and Resolution in Kenya.” which was later published
  7. 13th August 2004 presented a paper at the EATWOT 2004 Annual Conference entitled. “Afro-Indian Christian Relations in Kenya: a call for Dialogue”

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars attended

  1. 18th October 2013 Attended a one-day workshop on Faculty Strategic Plan for FESS KeMU, at Thiiri Centre
  2. 18th-23rd July 2012, 5th AASR Regional Conference, held at Egerton University, Njoro
  3. 25th – 27th April 2012, KeMU International Research Conference held at KeMU Main Campus in Meru.
  4. 23rd – 26th August 2010 DLM Material Message Design workshop organized by Department of Theology & Religious Studies KEMU at Thiiri centre, Meru
  5. 26th September 2009 KEMU workshp for curriculum design and development, at KEMU, Meru
  6. 14th –17th February 2005 Moi University Inaugural Annual Conference, Wagon Hotel, Eldoret.
  7. 30th September, 2004 Library workshop on ICT Skills for Research, Kenya Methodist University
  8. 12th –13th August 2004 EATWOT 2004 Annual Conference at Tumaini Centre, Nairobi
  9. 30th – 31st July 2004 Seminar on Performance Management and Productivity Improvement in Corporate Organizations, at KEMU.
  10. 14th – 18th April 2004 ATIEA 2004, Staff Institute at Mary Ward Centre, Nairobi
  11. 31st October – 1st November 2002 KEMU HAP Staff Peer Counselors’ workshop on HIV/AIDS
  12. 26th September 2001, Faculty workshop on post graduate studies, KEMU

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