School of Education,Humanities and Social Sciences

DR. REDEMPTA M. KIILUPhD; M.ED; B.ED (Kenyatta University)
P.O Box 170-90200, Kitui, Kenya
Mobile: +254 722 404 235

Personal Profile
A highly motivated individual with ability to work with teams of diverse professional backgrounds within multicultural environment, strong communication and coordination skills with a focus to achieve both individual and institutional goals.
Current Position: Lecturer, South Eastern Kenya University
Core values: Integrity, honesty, team player, Strong analytical skills and Self driven Weakness: A bit impatient with delayed results
Vision: To be a leading researcher and a global crusader for quality education.
Personal Details: A Kenyan by birth, Married with children. I am a Christian (Catholic) by faith

Key Qualifications:
An experienced Educational planning specialist, with over 20 years’ teaching experience in tertiary institutions, 10 years university teaching with high experience in research, monitoring and evaluation of learning outcomes among the youth and adult learning scenarios.

Research Interests:
Educational efficiency, Lifelong Learning, policy, e-learning and Distance learning.

Academic Qualifications

  • 2010- 2016: Kenyatta University, Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in planning and Economics of Education
  • 2005 – 2007: Kenyatta University, M.Ed (Planning and Economics of education)
  • 1990 – 1994: Kenyatta University: Bachelor of Education (Arts) Second Class Honors).
  • 1988 – 1988: ST. Angela’s Girls’- Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) in Economics, Geography and CRE
  • 1984 – 1987: Mutomo Girls Sec: -Kenya Certificate of Education (KCE) -Division One.
  • 1977 – 1983: Kithing’iisyo Pry. School:-Certificate of Primary Education (CPE): 28 points

Publications in Peer-refereed Journals

  1. Redempta Kiilu and Lucy Mugambi 2019 Status of school feeding programme policy initiatives in primary schools in Machakos County, Kenya African Educational Research Journal Vol. 7(1) ISSN: 2354-21 pp. 33-39
  2. Joachim Kasimbi, Petronila Otuya and Redempta Kiilu 2019 An Assessment Of The Contribution Of Self-Help Groups Towards Poverty Reduction. A Case Study Of Caritas Supported Groups In Machakos County International Journal of Social and Development Concerns (IJSDC) Vol. 5 Article 3/3 ISSN 2524-1478 (Online)
  3. Redempta Kiilu; Dr.Jackline Nyerere & Dr. Nobert Ogeta 2018 Teacher-trainee’s competency and institutional level of preparedness for adoption of e-learning in selected teacher training colleges in Kenya African Educational Research Journal Vol. 6(2),ISSN: 2354-2160 pp. 73-79
  4. Redempta Kiilu; Dr. Jackline Nyerere & Dr. Nobert Ogeta 2016 Status of Institutional Preparedness for Adoption of e-Learning in Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya Public Policy and Administration Research Vol 6, No.12 (2016) 33-39
  5. Redempta Kiilu & Christopher Mutuku 2016 Influence of Demographic factors on Academic Performance among Primary Teacher Trainees: A case of Machakos Teachers College International Journal of Education Studies 03(01)2016 07-11
  6. Redempta Kiilu & Elizabeth Muema 2012 “An e-learning Approach to secondary education: E-Readiness implication in Kenya”. Journal of Education and Practice Vol.3 No.16 142-148
  7. Elizabeth Muema & Redempta Kiilu 2013 Factors influencing Access to Guidance and Counseling Services in Secondary schools in central Division, Machakos District, Kenya Journal of Education and Practice Vol.4 No.5 73-79
  8. Redempta Kiilu; David Mulwa & Catherine Musyoki 2012 Critical Analysis OF Effectiveness of programs developed to Improve Educational Access, Quality and Equity in Kenya Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary studies Vol.1 Issue 11 40-52

Books Published

  1. Redempta Kyalo & Ndunge D. Kyalo 2011 Analysis of The Rate of Return to Investment in Education: A Comparison Between Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma In Education, Kenya Whole Book 125 pages

Paper Presentations:

  1. 2019- Paper title: Level of teacher competency for Adoption of e-Learning Approaches in Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya. Venue: Multi-Media University
  2. 2016-Presented a post-graduate seminar paper-Title: Level of preparedness for adoption of e-learning strategy in Primary Teacher Training Colleges in Kenya-Kenyatta University
  3. 2013-Presented a paper in Kenya Institute on Curriculum Development on ‘the influence of collaborative learning on learner performance in public PTTCs in Kenya

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