School of Education,Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Isaac Mattemu Kithyo

Educational background:

  • 1956-1959 Ngamba Primary School – Passed Common Entrance Examination
  • 1960-1964 Mbaikini Full Primary School - Passed Kenya Primary Examination
  • 1965-1968 Kangundo High School: Obtained a division 2 in Kenya Certificate of Education
  • 1969-1972 Kenya Polytechnic: Passed M.V.T. I and II
  • 1976-1977 Kenya Polytechnic: trained as a Technical Teacher
  • 1979-1982 University of New Brunswick, Canada: Obtained Bachelor of Education (Upper Second)
  • 1987-1989 University of British Columbia, Canada: Obtained a Master of Arts in Education (Curriculum and Instructions)
  • 1995-1999 University of British Columbia, Canada: Obtained a Ph.D.(Curriculum and Instruction).

Initial Work Experience

  • 1972-1976 Divisional Transport Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • 1977-1978 Technical Teacher in Machakos Technical School.
  • 1982-1990 Lecturer at Kenya Technical Teachers’ College (K.T.T.C)

University work experience

  • June,1990 – Jan.2000 Lecturer in Moi University
  • 25th jan. 2000 – May 2001 Head of Technology Education Department, Moi University
  • 17th May 2001- April 2002: Associate Dean, Faculty of Education, Moi University
  • 1st May 2002 – 6thJanuary 2002:Acting Dean, Faculty of Education, Moi University,
  • 1st March 2010 – December 2011: Coordinator, School of Education, Mombasa Campus.
  • April 2011 College representative in Credit Accumulation and Transfer System(C.A,T.S Project). Commission for Higher Education.
  • January 2012-1September2013 Coordinator for Post Graduate Programmes, School of Education, Chepkoilel University College.
  • July 2014 to date. Senior lecturer. Department of Educational Administration and planning. South Eastern Kenya University.

Social and Community Responsibilities

  • In University of New Brunswick: Representative of Faculty of Education students in the Student Representative Council
  • In Kenya Technical Teachers’ College: Chairman, Staff Social and Recreation Committee.
  • In University of British Columbia: Representative of the Faculty of Education students in the Graduate Students Representative Council.
  • In Moi University: Chairman, Forum for Education, Environment and Development.
  • 2011 – 2016: Member, Africa Brotherhood Church Education Board.


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Conferences and Workshops Attended

  • March, 1999. I.T.E.A Annual Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • 18th July, 2002. Sensitization of Key Stakeholders in Education, K.I.E.
  • September, 2002. Seminar on Intellectual Property for Universities. Moi Univerity Eldoret.
  • February, 2005. 1st Annual Conference and Partners meeting of Moi University. Eldoret.
  • 4th – 6th October, 2011: Joint Drafting W/shop for Credit Accumulation and Transfer System. Organized by Commission for Higher Education.
  • 27th May, 201: Mentoring Student Teachers in a Competitive Environment. Organized by the School Of Education, Moi University.
  • 24th- May-25th may, 2012: Assessing Teaching Practice in a Competitive Environment. Organized by School of Education. Chepkoilel University College.
  • 28th May-29th May, 2012: Stakeholders Workshop. Credit Accumulation and Transfer System. Organized by Commission for Higher Education.

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