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Wafula Yenjela holds a PhD in English Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, graduated 15 March 2017. Title of thesis: “Narrated Histories in Selected Kenyan Novels, 1963-2013” available at He was supervised by Prof Grace Musila ( then based at Department of EnglishStudies, Stellenbosch University, and Dr Godwin Siundu ( of the Literature Department, University of Nairobi. He also holds a Master of Arts in Literature, University of Nairobi, graduated Dec 2013 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Linguistics/Literature), University of Nairobi, graduated Dec 2009. Yenjela is a Lecturer at South Eastern Kenya University, Kitui, Kenya from August 2017 to date. He held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Department of English Studies, Stellenbosch University from March 2017 to August 2017. From Jan. 2012 to Dec 2013, he was a Researcher in the Ford Foundation project titledBiographies of Women in Kenyan Public Spaces, headed by Prof George Gona, History Department, University of Nairobi.


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Postgraduate supervision

  1. Simaloy Wanjiru Wainaina, Reg No. 1028742. Program: MA (Literature). Thesis title: ‘‘The African Daughter as Portrayed in the Short Story of Lesley NnekahArimah’’. Status: Completed. University: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. 2nd supervisor (1st supervisor—Dr Seline Oketch)
  2. John MahinduAdala, Reg No. LAL/G/06/2015. Program: MA (Literature). Thesis Title: “Construction of Self and Society in Selected Kenyan Autobiographies”. Status: Ongoing. University: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. 2nd supervisor (1st supervisor: Dr Remmy Shiundu)
  3. Vincent Odhiambo Oduor, Reg No: Lit/H/02/2015. Program: PhD in Literature. Thesis title: ‘‘Fragmented Cultural and Social Youth Identities in Selected Kenyan Youth Literature.’’ Status: Ongoing. University: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. 2nd supervisor (1st supervisor: Dr Jairus Omuteche)
    Postgraduate Examination
  4. Catherine Mutei Mbusya, MA (Kiswahili). Thesis title: ‘‘Mielekeo ya Wanafunzi wa Shule za Upili Kuhusu Methali Kinzani: Uchunguzi Katika Kata ya Kitui Mjini, Kauntiya Kitui, Kenya’’. Examined March 2019.

Professor DH Kiiru, Department of Literature, University of Nairobi
Dr Godwin Siundu, Department of Literature University of Nairobi
Professor Peter Wasamba, Dean of Arts, University of Nairobi.