Career objectives

  • To invest my skills and competencies in an organization that will challenge, honor and enhance my experience, knowledge, skills and years of responsibility for its prosperity as much as mine.
  • To grab an opportunity and set myself a goal where I can be innovative and attain a challenging position by exercising my interpersonal and professional skills to the fullest
    for the growth of the organization and mine as well in the competitive world.

what makes me different

  • I am self-motivated, diligent and ready to go the extra length to achieve the target I have set for myself.
  • I am a natural team player and I can lead and be led as the situation requires.
  • I am also a self-starter with a thirst to face new challenges.

Academic awards

  • November 2017 Awarded a certificate by UNU-GTP, GDC and KENGEN for completing SDG Short Course II on Exploration and Development
    of Geothermal Resources.
  • April 2015 Awarded by South Eastern Kenya University for being the best student in the graduating class of 2014

Positions of leadership/responsibility

  • JAN 2016-JAN 2017 Chairman of graduate teaching assistants at South Eastern Kenya University where I led the development of a welfare kitty to assist
    members during times of need.
  • MAY 2012- MAY 2013 Captain of darts club in South Eastern Kenya University where I improved performance in gaming within the students through organizing competition with professional members of staff.
  • JAN 2009- NOV 2009 School captain in Kalimoni high school, where I helped the school in discipline matters.

Interests and activities

  • Research in field related exploration activities i.e. geological, geochemical & geophysical mapping, generating structural frameworks, exploration projects and determination of economical mineral resources.
  • Organizing and engaging in charitable and social activities.
  • Participating in community based projects, geared towards people empowerment.

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