School of Science and Computing

Ag. COD, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Career aspiration

  1. 1. To work in a busy corporate environment where challenges are the order of the day and where my potential will be exploited to the maximum for the benefit of the institution.
  2. 2. Striving to acquire the key attributes and skills that distinguish top performance and to consequently develop my career to the best level possible.

Primary Discipline

  • Data Communication and Computer Networks

Degrees Awarded

  • Pursuing PhD in Information Technology Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Msc Information systems, UON,  2009    
  • BSC Mathematics and Computer ,JKUAT, 2003

Other credentials currently held or training completed:

  • Diploma in Science Education, KSTC, 1999

Research Area
Title: Green Computing Framework for developing countries: A Green computing adoption indexer for institution of higher learning.


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