School of Science and Computing

Mr Shikali

A Ph.D. (Software Engineering) candidate at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
Thesis title is “Swahili Language Analysis and Application using Deep Learning.

Masters in Science (information systems) from the University of Nairobi.

Research Interests: Machine learning, Deep learning, ubiquitous computing and Big data analytics.


  1. C. S. Shikali, Z. Sijie, L. Qihe, et al. Better word representation vectors using syllabic alphabet: a case study of swahili[J]. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(18): 3648
  2. C. S. Shikali, R. Mokhosi. Enhancing African low-resource languages: Swahili data for language modelling[J]. Data in brief, 2020, 31: 105951
  3. C. S. Shikali, Z. Sijie, L. Qihe, et al. Learning syllables using conv-lstm model for swahili word representation and part-of-speech tagging[J]. ACM Transactions on Asian and Low-resource Language Information Processing, 2021
  4. R. Mokhosi, Z. Qin, Q. Liu, et al. Incorporating word significance into aspect-level Sentiment analysis[J]. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(17): 3522

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