School of Science and Computing

1. Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science- Candidate -  Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
2. Master of Science Computer Systems - Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (2014)
3. Bachelor of Information Technology - Upper second class Honors –Busoga University-Uganda (2008)

Certificate Course:- Huawei-HCIA-Security (April 2021)
Certificate Course:- Huawei-HCIA-Cloud Computing (February 2021)
Certificate Course: Huawei-HCAI- Certified Academy Instructor (May 2021)
Certificate Course:- CISCO-Information Technology Essentials (2011)


  1. Computer Programming (Java, C, C++, BASIC and Visual Basic Scripting PHP, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax and JSON)
  2. Database Development (Structured Query Language (MySQL/Microsoft SQL/ SQLite)
  3. Mobile Programming (Android)
  4. Enterprise Computing (J2EE: Struts, Tiles, Spring and Hibernate)


  1. International Association of Engineers ( IAENG) Membership No 245453
  2. AIMIS-Associate Member of the Institute (IMIS-UK) Membership No 311718


  1. March 2015 – to date: South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). Position: Tutorial Fellow
  2. September 2009 – 2014: South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). Position: Graduate Teaching Assistant
  3. January 2009- August 2009: JJPeople-Kenya. Position: J2EE Developer: Part-Time Trainee
  4. August 2008 – September 2009: Kenya Institute of Management (KIM): Machakos Branch.Position: Part-Time Lecturer
  5. June 2008-September 2009: Century Park College-Machakos. Position: Computer Instructor


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  2. Kasyoka, P., Kimwele, M., &Angolo, S. M. (2020). Towards an efficient certificateless access control scheme for wireless body area networks. Wireless Personal Communications,115(2), 1258-1274.
  3. Kasyoka, P., Kimwele, M., &Angolo, S. M. (2020). Multi‐user broadcast authentication scheme for wireless sensor network based on elliptic curve cryptography. Engineering Reports, e12176.
  4. Kasyoka, P., Kimwele, M., &MbanduAngolo, S. (2020). Certificateless pairing-free authentication scheme for wireless body area network in healthcare management system. Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 44(1), 12-19.
  5. Kasyoka, P., Kimwele, M., &MbanduAngolo, S. (2020). Cryptoanalysis of a Pairing-free Certificateless Signcryption Scheme. ICT Express
  6. Kasyoka, P., Mwangi, W., & Kimwele, M. (2014). A framework for aggregating and retrieving relevant information using tf-idf and term proximity in support of maize production. International Journal of Scientific Technology Research, 3.

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