School of Science and Computing

seku malonza Currently an Associate professor of Applied Mathematics at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science. Have successfully supervised 6 PhD and 18 Masters students in the last 15 years. Have attended and participated in several workshops on mathematical modelling. Have reviewed a number of articles for international journals including for instance, Journal of Biological dynamics and Journal of Bio-systems.

Research Interest:

  • Dynamical systems for non-linear differential equations
  • Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
  • Bio-Mathematical -Modeling of Infectious diseases

On-going Research:

  1. 2018 - Grace Gakii Muthuri; Modeling the effects of targeted mass media campaigns on alcohol abuse: Case study of Kenya.
  2. 2018 – Ancent Makau Kimulu; Modeling HIV/AIDS Dynamics in the Presence of Investment along the Northern Corridor Highway in Kenya
  3. 2019 - Miriam Malia; Modelling the Effects of Mass- Media Awareness on the Spread of Human Papillomavirus Infections in Kenya


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