School of Science and Computing

Dr. Wesley Kirui

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science. Specialization area is Applied Mathematics. Research interest in mathematical modeling, Numerical analysis and dynamical systems. Has 10 years’ experience working in higher education

On-going Research:

  • An SEIAP Mathematical Model For HIV/AIDS With Treatment Of Exposed And Infected Persons
  • Stability analysis of endemic equilibrium of HIV-1 in-vivo dynamics in the presence of Chemotherapy and immune response.
  • Bifurcation studies in delay differentiation equation mathematical models.


  1. Rotich, J. K., Bitok, J. k., Maritim, s. k., & Kirui, W. (2014). Crank-Nicholson-Du Fort And FRankel-lax-Friedrich's Hybrid Finite difference Schemes Arising From Operator Splitting For solving 2-Dimensional Heat Equations. International Journal of Scientic & Engineering Research, 5 (10), 931-934.
  2. Kirui, W., Rotich, T. K., Bitok, J., & Langat, R. C. (2015). Modeling the effects of Time Delay on Hiv-1 in Vivo Dynamics In the presence of ARVs. Science journal of mathematics and statistics, 3 (4), 204-213.
  3. Kirui, W.(2017)A Discrete Model for HIV-1 in Vivo Dynamics in the Presences of Chemotherapy with Delay in Infectivity of Target Cells. Journal of Chemical, Biological and physical sciences. 7(2),317-326
  4. Cherono Pela, Kirui Wesley&AdickaDaniel (2019)Modelling the Effects of Immune Response and Time Delay on HIV-1 in Vivo Dynamics in the Presence of ChemotherapyScience journal of Mathematical Modeling and Applications4(2): 15-21

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