School of Science and Computing

Dr. MutyambaiLecturer, Department of Life Sciences.
Specialization area is Entomology and Chemical Ecology.

Research Interests: Agroecology, chemical ecology, multitrophic interactions, crop protection, plant-insect-natural enemies-soil-microbe multitrophic interactions, plant-plant communication, integrated pest/vector management, biodiversity conservation, cropping systems and climate change.
Has over 8 years’ experience working in higher education.

On-going Research Projects:

  • Investigating multitrophic interactions in cropping systems, landscape ecology and how to utilize them for developing integrated pest management strategies for invasive fall Plant chemical communication as a tool for climate smart push-pull control of pest insects of Sorghum in East Africa.
  • Investigation of mechanisms and factors governing Push-Pull cropping systems for pest management and climate adaptation.
  • Effects of oviposition-induced secondary defence metabolites on cereal stemborer in smallholder maize farming systems.
  • Development of integrated push-pull cropping systems for the management of False Codling Moth (FCM) in horticultural crops in smallholder agroecosystems in Kenya.
  • Assessment of land use intensification impacts on pollinator biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in Kenya.


  1. Restricting pesticides on a traditional crop: the example of khat (Catha edulis) and the Njuri Ncheke of Meru, Kenya