School of Science and Computing

Dr. Peter Kuria Kamau

Lecturer and Chairman, Department of Life Sciences. Specialization area is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Research interest in Plant genetics. Has 4 years’ experience working in higher education.

On-going Research:

  • Genetic diversity assessment of Crotalaria species in Kenya


  1. Kamau, P.K., Sano, S., Takami, T., Matsushima, R., Maekawa, M. and Sakamoto, W. (2015) A Mutation in GIANT CHLOROPLAST Encoding a PARC6 Homologue Affects Spikelet Fertility in Rice. Plant and Cell Physiol. 56: 977-991.
  2. Kamau, P.K., Sano, S., Matsushima, R., Maekawa, M. and Sakamoto, W. Molecular characterization of an ARC6-like protein involved in chloroplast division and biogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L.). Proceedings of 2014 JKUAT Scientific, Technological and Industrialization Conference, ISBN  9966-923-28-4, Page 842-846
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  4. Kamau, P.K., Matsushima, R., Maekawa, M. and Sakamoto, W. GIANT CHLOROPLAST (GIC) encodes an ARC6-like protein involved in chloroplast division in rice (Oryza saliva L.). Breeding research 2013, ISSN 1344-7629, Page: 199
  5. Kamau, P.K. (2009). Morphological characterization and DNA barcoding of Two Gonometa species in Mwingi (Kenya). In Improving forest Conservation and Community livelihoods through Income Generation from Commercial Insects in three Kenyan Forests. Edited by Suresh K. Raina, Esther N. Kioko, Ian Gordon and Charles Nyandiga PP. 33-34 Icipe press.

Research Grant Awarded
Student (Okayama University) research grant of 2,900 USD awarded to the project: Characterization of genetic traits useful for manipulating organelle genomes in rice (Oryza sativa L.).

Award of commendation for excellent research completion in 2014, March 25 2015, Okayama University, Japan.

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