School of Science and Computing

Dr Mugambi Linturi

Lecturer and Chairman, Department of Physical Sciences. Specialization area is Nuclear and Radiation Physics. Research interest in Nuclear physics (Baryonic spectroscopy), Radiation Physics, Application of Mote Carlo method in nuclear physics, Atomic and molecular collisions and Computational Physics with interest in material science. Has 9 years’ experience working in higher education.

On-going Research:

  • Natural Radioactivity Levels in Rock and Sand Samples from Tyaa River in Mwingi, Kitui County.
  • An Assessment of Radon Levels in Waters from Boreholes in Kitui County, Kenya.
  • Positron Impact Elastic Scattering by Calcium Atom Using First Order Distorted Wave Born Approximation with a Complex Potential.
  • Electron Impact Excitation of the Autoionizing State of Rubidium Using the Distorted Wave Method with Exchange, Absorption and Polarization Potentials.
  • Natural radioactivity levels of selected cement brands using gamma ray spectroscopy
  • Radiation levels in selected ceramic building tile brands used in Kenya
  • Radiological analysis of construction stones from selected quarries in Machakos county-Kenya

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