School of Science and Computing

Dr. Martin Riara

Lecturer, Department of Physical Sciences. Specialization area is Material Physics. Research interest in Crack healing in asphaltic materials; Renewable construction materials and Biodegradable polymer Composites. Has 4 years’ experience working in higher education

On-going Research

  • Investigation of rejuvenation and modification of aged asphalt binders by using aromatic oil-SBS polymer blend.
  • Influence of material scale and test design parameters on healing of asphaltic materials using healing agents.
  • Modeling of crack healing in asphalt mixtures treated with healing agents.
  • Self-healing of multiple scales of asphalt materials.
  • Interaction Analysis of polymer matrix and the dispersed phase in LDPE/Cellulose biocomposites.

Selected Publications

  1. M. Riara, P. Tang, L. Mo, B. Javilla, S. Wu, Investigation into crack healing of asphalt mixtures using healing agents. Construction and Building Materials, 161 (2018) 45-52.
  2. M. Riara, P. Tang, L. Mo, B. Javilla, M. Chen, S. Wu, Systematic evaluation of fracture-based healing indices of asphalt mixtures. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 30(10) (2018): 04018264.
  3. M. Riara, P. Tang, L. Mo, W. Hong, M. Chen, S. Wu, Evaluation of moisture and temperature effect on crack healing of asphalt mortar and mixtures. Construction and Building Materials, 177 (2018) 388–394.
  4. M. Riara, P. Tang, L. Mo, M. Chen, J. Zhang, S. Wu, Experimental assessment of the long-time crack healing in asphalt mixtures using healing agents, Construction and Building Materials, 191 (2018) 411–422.


  1. International Conference on Materials Science, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering.Changsha University of Science & Technology, Changsha, 2018.
  2. 1st International Conference on Sustainable Mega Infrastructures (SMI 2018) and the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials: Design, Performance and Application (SCM2018) Wuhan City, China. 10th to 11th August 2018

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