School of Science and Computing

Dr. Daniel Patrick Kisangau

Senior Lecturer, Department of Life Sciences.
Specialization areas are Plant taxonomy and Economic Botany.

Research Interests

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem conservation for livelihood improvement
  • Ethnobotany of Socio-economically useful plant species
  • Bioactivity studies of medicinal plants and other bioactive metabolites

Ongoing Research

  • Zipporah M. Maluvu. PhD. Reg. No. I85/96194/2014. Thesis title: Adaptation strategies for increased green gram (Vignaradiata) production in Makueni County under changing climatic conditions.
  • Francisca M. Mbithi. PhD. Reg. No. B502/WTE/30003/2018. Thesis title: Development of an optimization model for sustainable development of biofuel energy plants in Kyulu hills ecosystem, Kenya.
  • Mbiri Jane Wanja. PhD Thesis title: Acute Toxicity, Immunomodulatory Properties and Quantitative Phytochemical Analysis of Carissa edulis and Terminalia brownie.
  • Angela King’ola, PhD Thesis Title: Climate Smart Pest Management: Enhancing Resilience of Farms to Changing Pest Threats. A Case Study of Maize Farming In Makueni County.
  • David Mutua Kyulu; MSc. Reg. No. 1501/WTE/20518/2014; Thesis title: Assessment of Access and the Usefulness of Weather Forecasts in Conservation of Forests among Communities Living around Chyulu Hills in Makueni County.
  • Charles Kisima Kimani; MSc. Reg. No. I501/WTE/20248/2012. Thesis title: An investigation on degradation level and its effects in the riparian ecosystems of Eastern semi-arid region of Kenya; A case study of Kaiti River in Makueni County.


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