South Eastern Kenya University Management

prof. ngangaDeputy Vice Chancellor (Academic, Research & Student Affairs) at South Eastern Kenya University

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Academic Qualifications:

  • 2012 Executive MBA (EMBA), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Kenyatta University
  • Master of Science (MSc), University of Nairobi
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc), University of Nairobi (Upper Second Class Honours)

Administrative and Leadership Skills

  • I am currently in executive leadership at South Eastern Kenya University as the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic, Research and Student Affairs and as the Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration and Human Resource Management)
  • I have extensive experience in corporate leadership at the former Institute of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (ITROMID) and College of Health Sciences (COHES), JKUAT.
  • I have a high degree of results oriented performance evidenced by the rapid growth of the student numbers and the number of new academic programs, new policies developed since my appointment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Research and Student Affairs, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). Previously I oversaw the establishment of the College of Health Sciences at JKUAT.
  • I have a successful track record in the management of Human Resource working as the Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Human Resource Management) at SEKU since March 2016 and previously as Ag. Principal at the College of Health Sciences, JKUAT.

Conferences, seminars and workshops attended

  1. 2015: Sustainable approach to Livelihood Improvement through Innovative Agricultural Practices in Kenya (ASALI). 1st workshop on questionnaire development. Kenya School of Government.
  2. 2015: Sustainable approach to Livelihood Improvement through Innovative Agricultural Practices in Kenya (ASALI). Project Progress Review Workshop, KEFRI Kitui.
  3. 2012: AAU-EASRN TOT Workshop on HIV mainstreaming and Integration into Curriculum – Kenyatta University Conference Centre.
  4. 2012: Expanding Science and Technology Frontiers for Quality Education Training and Research for Sustainable Development Workshop; Madrid Spain.
  5. 2012: Second Annual Deans and Directors at Higher Educational Institutions’ workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  6. 2012: Dissemination Workshop of the HIV Sero-behavioural studies conducted by the EAC/AMREF Lake Victoria HIV and AIDS Partnership (EALP) Program.
  7. 2010: Fifth African Regional TEPHINET and Third AFENET Scientific Conference; Mombasa Kenya.
  8. 2009: Second AFENET Scientific Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  9. 2008: Evaluation of Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular for Universities in Kenya. Status: Resource person.
  10. 2008: Evaluation of Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular for Universities in Ghana. Status: Resource person.
  11. 2008: Evaluation of Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular for Universities in Botswana. Status: Resource person.
  12. 2008: Evaluation of Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular for Universities in Rwanda. Status: Resource person.
  13. 2007: Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular. Faculty of Engineering, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya. Status: Resource person.
  14. 2007: Integration of HIV and AIDS in the teaching of University curricular. Faculty of Science. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya. Status: Resource person.
  15. 2007: Higher Education Science and curricular reforms: African Universities responding to HIV and AIDS. In country training Workshop, University of Botswana, Botswana. Status: Resource person.
  16. 2007: Higher Education Science and curricular reforms: African Universities responding to HIV and AIDS. In country training Workshop, Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Kigali, Rwanda. Status: Resource person.


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Membership and Affiliations to Professional Bodies

  • Member, FAWE Forum for African Women Educationists
  • Member, ARPPIS Scholars Association (ASA)
  • Member, AAIS The African Association of Insect Scientists
  • Member, KEPAWAE Kenya Professional Association of Women in Agriculture and Environment
  • Member, AWSE African Women in Science and Engineering
  • Member, INWES International Women Engineers and Scientists
  • Member Kenya National Academy of Sciences
  • Member Kenya National Biosafety Association

Community Service

  1. Church Elder: ACK St Andrews Church
  2. People’s Warden - ACK St Andrews Church
  3. Member of Diocesan synod – Diocese of Nairobi
  4. Member of BOG – Gatura Girls, Kirwara Boys