School of Health Sciences

Dr Josphat Gichure COD Food Science Nutrition and Technology


PhD Food Science and Technology

  • University of Nairobi; Thesis “Integrating Traditional Techniques into Conventional Preservation Methods to Upgrade Pastoral Deep-Fried Beef Products in Kenya”.

MSc. Food Safety & Quality

  • University of Nairobi; Thesis: Governance structures & traceability in organic value chain in Kenya

BSc. Food Science and Technology;

  • University of Nairobi; Research project: Production of banana puree for use in baby food

Health Risk Assessment Certificate (Water quality and pesticide residues

  • University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) graduate

  • Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB)


  1. “Assessment of the efficacy of commonly used drugs in the control of coccidiosis and ectoparasitism of domestic rabbits in smallholder production systems in Kenya”. funded by RUFORUM
  2. Value chain analysis and business model development for utilization of prosopis in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya. funded by National Drought Management Authority.
  3. Baseline studies to assess aquaculture market focus, identify factors that affect the market and gender dynamics among the farmers. Project funded by Kenya Women Finance Trust
  4. Scoping study to evaluate the Food Safety standards of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) in selected domestic markets in Kenya- Project funded by SNV (Netherlands Development Organization)
  5. Value chain analysis, network governance and traceability of farmed fish value chains in Nyeri and Kisumu Counties- USAID- PEER project.
  6. Network analysis and value addition along aquaculture value chains in Kirinyaga County- Project funded by National Commission of Science, Technology and Innovation
  7. Baseline survey of the resilience and livelihoods of residents in Wajir County- Project funded by OXFAM
  8. Value chain mapping and assessment of technology adoption by small holder tissue culture banana farmers in South Imenti sub-County.

Peer reviewed Articles

  1. Gichure, J.N., Njeru, S.K. & Mathi, P.M (2020). Sustainable livelihood approach for assessing the impacts of slaughterhouses on livelihood strategies among pastoralists in Kenya. Pastoralism, 10, (26).
  2. Gichure, J.N., Kunyanga, C.N, Imungi, J.K (2020). Processing variations, nutritional and sensory quality of ethnic deep-fried meats from Kenyan pastoral communities. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 20(4), 16046-62, DOI: 10.18697/ajfand.92.19760
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  10. Gichure, J.N.,Wahome, R.G, Karuri, E.G and Karantininis, K. (2014): Traceability Among Smallholders In Organic Fresh Produce Value Chains: Case Of Nairobi. Building Organic Bridge, 3, 779-782

Peer reviewed conference proceedings and other publications

  1. Catherine Kunyanga, Josphat Gichure, Pius Mathi and Jasper Imungi. Evaluation of commercial Feasibility of the deep-frying processing technology in the reduction of post-slaughter losses in Kenya. Proceeding of the 1st All African Post-Harvest Congress and Exhibition, 28th-31st March, 2017, Nairobi Kenya
  2. Catherine Kunyanga, Josphat Gichure, Pius Mathi and Jasper Imungi. Reduction of post-slaughter losses in the meat value chain through value addition and innovative processing technologies, Proceeding of the 1st All African Post-Harvest Congress and Exhibition, 28th-31st March, Nairobi Kenya
  3. Maina, J.G. and Gichure, J.N. Fish Production, marketing and traceability in Kenya. Proceeding of the First International Conference on Tropical Animal Science and Production (TASP 2016),26th – 29th July, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand,
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  5. Gichure, J.N., Kunyanga, C.N, Imungi, J.K, and Mathi, P.M. (2014): Application of Appropriate Technologies to Minimize Post Harvest Losses and Improve Quality along Pastoral Beef Value Chain in Developing Countries: Case of Kenya. Proceeding of the 17th World Congress of Food Science and Technology & Expo. Research that resonates. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  6. Gichure, J.N., Karuri, E.G.‚ and Maina, J.G. (2014) “Value Addition and Traceability along Food Value Chains in Kenya: Case of Aquaculture in Kirinyaga County” Proceedings of the 8th Egerton University International Conference: Innovative Research and Technology for Global Development, 26th-28thMarch 2014 in Egerton University, Njoro campus‚ pp 332-337
  7. Gichure, J.N. (2013) Network organization of the organic kales value chains in Nairobi,ICROFS Newsletter, June, 2013 issue.


  1. Food Science and Technology Platform of Kenya (FoSTeP-K)- Vice Secretary
  2. Institute of Food Technologists (USA)- International member (2014 LEAD 360 member; Training and Lectureship workgroup-2015, Leadership workgroup-2015)

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