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2018/2019 Academic Year

No.  Author  Title  Journal Pages  Year
1 Nyariki DM, Amwata DA The value of pastoralism in Kenya: Application of total economic value approach Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice (2019) 9:9 July 2019
2 Ngesu SN, Kandagor M Tafsiri tenge katika vitomeo vya kamusi thaniya ya Kiingereza- Kiswahili: Changamoto katika taaluma ya Kiswahili Book Chapter in: Uwezeshwaji wa Kiswahili kama wenzo wa maarifa, Moi University Press,ISBN:978-9966-133-56-4 July 2019
3 JN Maina, Geraldine DK, MB Papah, R Mashiteng, CM Wood, A Bianchini, LF Bianchini, L Bergman, OE Johannsson, PL Claudine Chevalier, RO Ojoo Sizes, condition factors and sex ratios of the scattered populations of the small cichlid fish, Alcolapia grahami, that inhabits the lagoons and sites of Lake Magadi (Kenya), one of the most extreme aquatic habitat on Earth Environ Biol Fish August 2019
4 Mutiku SN, Misango S Institutional factors influencing the implementation of human resource information systems in Machakos county government, Kenya Journal Of Human Resource & Leadership, ISSN 2519-9099 August 2019
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6 Eric Mogaka Osoro , Shirley Lidechi, Doris Marwanga, Jeremiah Nyaundi, Athman Mwatondo,Mathew Muturi, Zipporah Ng’ang’a and Kariuki Njenga Seroprevalence of influenza A virus in pigs and low risk of acute respiratory illness among pig workers in Kenya Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 25: 53, ISSN: 1347-4715 August 2019
7 Emily Kitheka, Jacinta Kimiti, Nellie Oduor, Jane Wanza. Mutinda, Celestine Ingutia and Joseph Githiomi Factors Influencing Adoption of Biomass Energy Conservation Technologies in Selected Areas of Kitui County, Kenya Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A 8 (2019) 70-81
August 2019
8 Harun Kiruki, Emma H. van der Zanden, Cecilia Zagari, Peter H. Verburg Sustainable woodland management and livelihood options in a charcoal producing region: An agent-based modelling approach Journal of Environmental Management
August 2019
9 Enock Warinda, Dickson M. Nyariki, Stephen Wambua&Reuben Muasya Impact of small holder farmers’ welfare through participation in on-farm regional projects in East Africa Agricultural Economics Research, Policy and Practice in Southern Africa, ISSN: 0303-1853 (Print) 2078-0400 (Online) August 2019
10 A. Mukubwa1, Fred Masinde Determining the Radius of the Magnetic Vortex Core of YBCO123 and Bi2212 Open Access Library Journal,6: e5661.

August 2019
11 Akuja, Thomas E.,Kandagor, Jacqueline A review of policies and agricultural productivity in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALS), Kenya: the case of Turkana County Journal of Applied Biosciences 140: 14304 – 14315ISSN 1997-5902 August 2019
12 Wafula Yenjela Anxieties of mixed-raceness in Kenya: perspectives from music, media, and novelistic representations Journal of the African Literature Association
Volume 13, 2019 - Issue 2
13 Cherono Pela, Kirui Wesley, Adicka Daniel Modelling the Effects of Immune Response and Time Delay on HIV-1 in Vivo Dynamics in the Presence of Chemotherapy Mathematical Modelling and Applications 2019; 4(2): 15-21 doi:10.11648/ ISSN: 2575-1786 (Print); ISSN: 2575-1794 (Online) July, 2019
14 Waweru,Jerusha N.; Raburu, Phillip O.,Odhiambo, Elizabeth A. Gonad Histology, Proximate Composition and Growth Efficiency of Nile Tilapia Fed with Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Seeds Powder Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research 3(4): 1-9, 2019; Article no.AJFAR.50231 August 2019 
15 Etabo, Edung M.; Korir, N. K.; Gweyi-Onyango, J. P.; Akuja, Thomas E. Effect of Irrigation Scheduling on Yield Components and Grain Yield of Two Nerica Varieties in mwea Irrigation Scheme, Kenya Elixir Agriculture 132 (2019) 53395-53398 July 2019
16 Erick AumaOmondi • Peter Kuria Ndiba1 • Peter GikumaNjuru Characterization of water hyacinth (E. crassipes) from Lake Victoria and ruminal slaughterhouse waste as co-substrates in biogas production SN Applied Sciences (2019) 1:848 July 2019
17 Changluan Pan, Deqiang Liang, Liantong Mo 1, Martin Riara and Juntao Lin Influence of Different Modifiers on Bonding Strength and Rheological Performance of Bitumen Emulsion Materials 2019, 12, 2414; doi:10.3390/ma12152414 July 2019
18 Muithya KV, Ombati R Internal factors affecting growth of savings and credit cooperative societies in Machakos County, Kenya European Journal of Business and Strategic Management ISSN 2518-265X (Online) Vol.4, Issue 5, pp 1- 15, 2019 September, 2019 
19 Kibwage KK, Othoo CO and Ndungu C Environmental audit and policy compliance of tobacco farming practices in Migori County, Western Kenya J UOEH 41 (3) 259-269 September, 2019
20 Simaloy Wanjiru Wainaina1, SellineOketch, WafulaYenjela Parenting Landmines: A Critique of Lesley Nneka Arimah’sWhat It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Abbreviated Key Title: Sch J Arts Humanit Soc Sci
ISSN 2347-9493 (Print) | ISSN 2347-5374 (Online)
September, 2019 
21 Mutua UM, Kisangau D, Musimba N Assessing the impact of Farming Systems and Land use change on Dryland plant Biodiversity: A case study of Mwala and Yatta sub Counties in Machakos County, Kenya International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology (IJEAB) Vol-4, Issue-5, Sep-Oct- 2019 ISSN: 2456-1878 October 2019
22 Sammy KithinjiKamaingi , Lucy WankuruMeng’anyi, Factors Associated with Non-Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Adult Clients in a Comprehensive Care Center at a Health Center; Kiambu County, Kenya Public Health Research 2019, 9(4): 65-76 DOI: 10.5923/j.phr.20190904.01 September 2019
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24 Wei Hong, Liantong Mo, Changluan Pan, Martin Riara, Mi Wei, Jizhe Zhang Investigation of rejuvenation and modification of aged asphalt binders by using aromatic oil-SBS polymer blend Construction and Building Materials 231 (2020) 117154 October 2019
25 Erick Auma Omondi1, Peter Gikuma-Njuru, and Peter Kuria Ndiba Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Water Hyacinth (E. crassipes) With Ruminal Slaughterhouse Waste for Biogas Production Int. Journal of Renewable Energy Development 8 (3) 2019: 253-259 October 2019
26 S. M. Muturi, F. N. Wachira, L. S. Karanja and L. K. Njeru The Mode of Transmission of Banana streak virus by Paracoccusburnerae (Homiptera; Planococcidae) Vector is Non-circulative Recent Advances in Biological Research Vol. 3, 2019
October 2019
27 Gudrun De Boeck, Chris M. Wood, Kevin V. Brix, Amit K. Sinha, Victoria Matey, Ora E. Johannsson, AdaltoBianchini, Lucas F. Bianchini, John N. Maina, Geraldine D. Kavembe, Michael B. Papah, Mosiany L.Kisipan and Rodi O Ojoo Fasting in the ureotelic Lake Magadi tilapia, Alcolapiagrahami, does not reduce its high metabolic demand, increasing its vulnerability to siltation events Conservation Physiology, Volume 7 2019 October 2019
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30 Wafula Yenjela The Nairobi Prostitution Histories: Perspectives from Kenyan Novels Eastern African literary and cultural studies September 2019
31 Veronica NdukuMwikya and Dr. Selpher K. Cheloti Cultural Factors As A Predictor Variable In Determining Transition Rates Of Pupils From Primary School To Secondary Schools In Kenya; A Case Of Machakos Sub-County Int. J. Polit. Sci. Develop. 7(8) 266-277 October 2019
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33 George K Tarus, Festus M. Mutiso The Medicinal And Diet Base Value Of Stinging Nettle (UrticaMasaica) To The Rural And Urban Livelihoods Within Aberdare And Mt Kenya Forest Landscapes Researchjournali’s Journal of Forestry Vol. 6, No. 6 September 2019
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37 Dorothy Amwata, Catherine Mungai, Maren Radeny and Dawit Solomon Review of policies and frameworks on climate change, agriculture, food and nutrition security in Kenya InfoNote: November 2019
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39 Wekesa Eliud HIV testing experiences in Nairobi slums: the good, the bad and the ugly BMC Public Health (2019) 19:1600 November 2019
40 Sonnia N. Musyoka, David M. Liti, Eric O. Ogello, Paul Meulenbroek, and Herwig Waidbacher Using Earthworm, Eisenia fetida, to Bio-convert Agro-industrial Wastes for Aquaculture Nutrition  BioResources 15(1), 574-587 January 2020
41 Lincoln K. Githenya, Patrick C. Kariuki, Aaron K. Waswa Application of Remote Sensing in Mapping Hydrothermal Alteration Zones and Geological Structures as Areas of Economic Mineralization in Mwitika-Makongo Area, SE Kenya Journal of Environment and Earth Science ISSN 2224-3216 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0948 (Online) Vol.9, No.11, 2019 November 2019
42 Sarah Ndanu M. Ngesu, Pendo Salu Malangwana Mosol Kandagor Tathmini YaMikakati Ya TafsiriYa Vinay Na Derbelnet (2004) Katika Tafsiri Ya A Good Day (2019) In Mwanga wa Lugha Pgs. 129-152 September 2019
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50 Philemon Kasyoka, Michael Kimwele& Shem MbanduAngolo Certificateless pairing-free authentication scheme for wireless body area network in healthcare management system Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology
January 2020
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56 Peter Karanja Kamau1, Zipporah Ng’ang’a, Francis M. Njeruh and John Thuita In vitro antiplasmodial, cytotoxicity assay and partial chemical characterization of Kenyan Physalisperuviana L. (Solanaceae family) extracts Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, Vol. 14(2), pp. 73-80, DOI: 10.5897/JMPR2019.6882 February 2020 
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67 Janet Mutiwa Kavisi, Dr, Selpher K. Cheloti and Dr. Janet Mulwa Strengthening of mathematics and science education programme (SMASE) in Kenya: a case of implementation status in public secondary Schools in Makueni sub County Kenya International Journal of Recent Scientific Research
Vol. 11, Issue, 02 (C), pp. 37400-37406, DOI: 10.24327/IJRSR impact factor; 7.383
February 2020 
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ISSN 2456-2165
April 2020
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ISSN Online: 2167-9509 ISSN Print: 2167-9495
April 2020
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ISSN 2222-1735 (Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (Online)
Vol.11, No.15, May, 2020
May 2020
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ISBN Number: 978-81-940613-8-0
E-ISBN Number: 978-93-89246-28-5
December, 2019
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May-Jun, 2020. ISSN: 2456-1878
May 2020