School of Science and Computing

Prof. David M. MalonzaCurrently an Associate professor of Applied Mathematics at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU), department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science.
Specialization area is Pure/Applied Mathematics.

Research Interest:

  • Dynamical systems for non-linear differential equations
  • Functional Analysis and Operator Theory
  • Bio-Mathematical -Modeling of Infectious diseases

On-going Research:

  1. 2018 – Ancent Makau Kimulu; Modeling HIV/AIDS Dynamics in the Presence of Investment along the Northern Corridor Highway in Kenya, Kenyatta University
  2. 2019 - Cordy Jourvel Itoua-Tsele; A Mathematical Model of Saltwater intrusion in Coastal aquifers: Case study of Pointe-Noire in Republic of Congo; PAUSTI
  3. 2019 – Miriam Malia: Modeling the effects of Mass-Media Awareness on the Spread of Human Papillomavirus infections in Kenya; Kenyatta University
  4. 2022 – Halson O. Nyaberi; Mathematical Modelling Co-infection of Coffee Berry Disease and Coffee Leaf Rust with Cost-Effectiveness, Optimal Control Analysis In Kenya; Kenyatta University
  5. 2022-Peter Urane Achimugwu: A Mathematical Climate model due to Excessive Emission and Accumulation of Carbon-dioxide with optimal Control; PAUSTI
  6. 2022 – Balali Motaru: Mathematical Model of Poverty and Crime due to Unemployment with Optimal Control, PAUSTI