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Mathews Okoth has distinguished abilities, qualifications and skills in corporate practice and litigation, public law litigation, private law litigation, public finance litigation, conveyance and commercial transactions as well as in research consultancy and legal audits. He is currently a Doctor of Laws student and holds a Master of Laws Degree in Corporate Law from University College London. He is also a graduate of Moi University (LLB (Hons)) and the Kenya School of Law (PGD).
In his over twelve year practice experience, Mathews Okoth acquired experience in many aspects of corporate litigation, including, in shareholder disputes; corporate financing disputes, including equity, debt and public-private partnerships financing disputes; public law litigation disputes, comprising constitutional petitions, election petitions and judicial review; private law litigation, comprising disputes over commercial contracts, tort claims, traffic accident claims, disputes over land and chattels, employment and labour disputes, work injury disputes, licensing and regulatory compliance disputes; procurement disputes and bank lending disputes. Other than litigation, Mathews Okoth is experienced in conveyance and commercial transactions, both secured and unsecured, right from due diligence stage of searches and documents verification; to drafting of agreements, security documents and transfers or leases; to processing of title and perfection of securities. He has consulted for local companies and international organisations in corporate legal audits, including company-wide audit for regulatory compliance and legal risks assessment. Mathews Okoth is the author of the pioneer 599-page book title, Law of Corporate Finance in Kenya (ISBN 9789914491890), which gives a detailed exposition on:
a) Regulation of corporate decisions on the companies’ capital structure, capital raising rules and capital maintenance rules;
b) Legal framework for debt finance in Kenya and the variants of that form of finance, comprising, loans and corporate debt securities;
c) Capital Markets law in Kenya, particularly, equity finance raising in Kenya by companies, firstly, through private placement procedures of venture capital, private equity and crowd funding. Secondly, through issuing equity to the public by initial public offering and secondary equity offering by way of prospectus, and consequential regulation of trading of equity in secondary markets. Thirdly, liability enforcement mechanisms in capital markets for incorrect disclosures in prospectus; and
d) Regulation of finance raising both by National Government and its parastatals, and by County Governments through public private partnerships (PPP), the typical model of project finance in Kenya.
He has also published peer reviewed articles in leading journals, including the article titled “The Interface between the new and previous land laws in Kenya” in the Africa Nazarene University Law Journal (Juta Company Ltd Publication: June 2013), at pages 107-121, and is a contributing author for Hauser Global Law School Program of New York University, responsible for periodically updating the article “Researching Kenyan Law” available on the website: